“With the UK taking Scotland in a direction that most of the public do not support, the alienation of Scotland from the rest of the UK should be of great concern – however it appears that London’s attention would only be secured if there was growing support for Scottish independence.”

An unsatisfactory and suspicious ‘end’ to the Skripal affair, the threat of another false flag over Syria, an incestuous EUNATO army, and a Brexit that is no longer Brexit. Try as hard as they may, there is no way anyone can convincingly suggest that these outcomes are random. Those who continue to push for them are gambling with every human life on Earth.

While everyone has been focused on the machinations within the dysfunctional Trump White House, the real stories in the news are coming from Europe. The European Union is falling apart at the seams and yet the power brokers there continue to act as if they still have everything under control. The push towards populism and the preservation of national identity is real, growing and far beyond a tipping point.

C`est ce que propose Soros. Utiliser "la jeunesse", habituée aux réseaux sociaux, à "liker" et non à réfléchir, réagissant par impulsion sur le plan émotionnel et ne se développant que peu sur le plan rationnel. Utiliser cette jeunesse reformatée et fragilisée pour remettre en cause l`expression de la souveraineté populaire tant que le "bon" résultat n`est pas obtenu. C`est la nouvelle démocratie, celle qui prédit l`avenir de l`Europe. Le modèle ukrainien. A chaque époque ses modèles ...

The release of a report that claims Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik were a major influence on the outcome of the Brexit vote has unwittingly allowed people to see exactly how “fake news” is formed and spread on Twitter. The self-funded report was produced by PR firm 89up, a lobbying firm that runs communications for pro-EU pressure group ‘Best for Britain,’ which is part-funded by billionaire George Soros.

Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign announced the investment by Soros on Thursday, amid accusations that his group had joined with the Jewish investor to "plot to thwart Brexit."

Berlin is obviously seeking to delay the formulation of EU positions on the future relationship with the United Kingdom as long as possible, to prevent giving London tactical advantages in the negotiations.

In Brüssel wächst die Furcht vor Spaltungen unter den EU-27 in den Verhandlungen um den EU-Austritt Großbritanniens. Dies geht laut einem Bericht aus internen Unterlagen über die Debatte zwischen den EU-Mitgliedstaaten hervor.

Das Sozialnetzwerk Twitter verfügt über keine Beweise, dass Russland sich in das Brexit-Referendum eingemischt hat. Das geht aus einem Brief der Firma an den Ausschuss für digitale Technologien, Kultur, Sport und Medien im House of Commons (Unterhaus) hervor, der der Agentur RIA Novosti vorliegt.
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