Was sie mit all diesen Waffen machen werden, ist jedermanns Vermutung überlassen, und US-Beamte haben sich weitgehend zu diesem Thema nicht geäußert. Offensichtlich bereiten sie sich entweder darauf vor, etwas zu tun, oder sie bereiten sich auf etwas vor, von dem sie erwarten, dass es geschieht.

« L’affaire des sociétés de sécurité étrangères qui sont plus de 40 en tout, est de nouveau au centre des débats », a affirmé une source qui a rapporté à la chaîne irakienne al-Sumeria News que certaines d’entre elles sont accusées d’espionnage et d’autres sont tout simplement « des armées qui violent la souveraineté irakienne ». La source en question a alors expliqué qu’il existait des actions et des pressions pour qu’il soit mis un terme à la présence de ses organismes extra-territoriaux et que des mesures de soutien soient prises de la part des forces irakiennes.

Iraq’s intelligence services believe that five recent drone attacks on Iraqi paramilitaries were launched from bases under the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia’s control in north Syria, an official told Middle East Eye. The Iraqi official, who has knowledge of the latest intelligence briefing from Baghdad’s security services, said the strikes were conducted by Israel, with the understanding of the SDF and backing of Saudi Arabia. `The drone attacks were launched from SDF areas with the financing and backing of the Saudis`

The Pentagon has issued a new statement this week disavowing any involvement in recent Israeli attacks against Iraqi territory, saying that statements claiming US involvement were “false, misleading, and inflammatory.”

There is a war on Iraq, really a continuation of the war on Iraq that began in 1991 and renewed in 2003, despite the version of events fed the public. Iraq had oil, had power and if Saddam were removed, would be ruled by a Shia majority quite possibly loyal to Iran, a nation that in 1979, had overthrown a US backed dictatorship. The wildcard here is the Kurds and the other, Israel. As has become clear under Trump, Israeli influence, all those stories about the ADL and AIPAC, the Epstein-Maxwell blackmail rings, the MEGA billionaires, are only the tip of the iceberg.

Last week, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rebuffed all existing Rules of Engagement (ROE) in Iraq and Lebanon, showing his readiness for war and an apparent willingness to ignite it. For the first time since 2006 his drones violated the old rules of engagement; an Israeli drone exploded in a southern suburb of Beirut, in unclear circumstances.

Das Wochenende brachte eine steile Eskalation in Netanyahus Versprechen, alle wahrgenommenen "Feinde" anzugreifen. Von Samstagabend bis spät in den Sonntagnachmittag führte Israel Angriffe gegen drei verschiedene Länder durch, den Irak, Syrien und den Libanon. Bis Montagmorgen hatte es auch Truppen der iranischen Revolutionsgarde sowie Palästinenser der PFLP-GC angegriffen. Das sind viele Feinde, um gleichzeitig Krieg gegeneinander zu führen.

Gen D. delawarde-040318Le général DELAWARDE, ancien chef «situation-renseignement-guerre électronique» à l’état major interarmées de planification opérationnelle, nous a adressé ce texte dans lequel il répond à nombre de ses amis qui lui ont demandé ce qu’il fallait penser des événements survenus en Algérie ces trois dernières semaines.

President Trump’s policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran, notes former CIA analyst Paul Pillar, is more obsession than strategy, and a not-so-mysterious explosion on the outskirts of Baghdad Monday shows why. Iraqi political analysts are blaming the attack on Israel, saying it follows two attacks earlier this month on facilities of Iranian-backed militias in Iraq. According to an Israeli news report, Israel launched the two attacks with U.S.-made F-35 jets.

In what is a severely under reported but perhaps the most alarming development out of the Middle East this week, Iraq`s government has said it`s ready to down any aircraft violating its airspace amid a blanket ban on `unauthorized` flights not specifically approved by the prime minister`s office. Military Times reported the day after Iraq closed its airspace on Thursday

Scratching the surface of things is akin to scratching a lottery ticket. The results are routinely disappointing, sometimes unexpected, sometimes exceptional. I recently attended an online conference, held by an Italian researcher named Mario Biglino. Mr. Biglino has dedicated many years to producing a new translation of the Bible. His effort centered on verifying and correcting official translations of the Bible from the Hebrew and/or Aramaic. With particular attention to original words whose meaning, or case, or number have been modified, in his view, to fit a particular pre-conceived theological or pseudo-theological scheme. I briefly relate here what I have understood. There is no implication or even hint that I have any specific knowledge on the matter.

Le sujet fait sourire en Irak puisqu’il est l’objet d’une blague assez ancienne remontant au temps où l’agent du renseignement April Glaspie, déguisée en ambassadeur plénipotentiaire et extraordinaire avec lettres de créances et accréditation officielle, manipulait le Chef d’état-major des Armées irakiennes en 1989-1990 sous le thème de l’amitié américano-irakienne: Il n’y a jamais eu de diplomates américains en Irak.

During the summer war of 2006, Israel managed to destroy a large number of Hezbollah’s rocket and missile stocks. Most Hezbollah missile units were destroyed and, in the suburb of the capital Beirut, over 250 buildings (mainly but not exclusively hosting Hezbollah offices, warehouses and officers’ homes) were flattened by Israeli precision bombs targeting Hezbollah (and many civilians) in the suburbs of Beirut. Hundreds of houses were completely destroyed in the south of Lebanon. However, Israel was unable to fulfil its objectives due to the defeat of its infantry which faced harsh resistance and was unable to push deep inland.