The International Rescue Committee (IRC) spoke to several Yemeni mothers about their experience in the war and the effects that the war has had on them and their families. This is the testimony of a mother named Nadia: The plane shelled close to us. We fled because we were afraid for our children … Our life was miserable even before the war … We depend on livestock. I just sold a sheep to buy flour and sugar. I do not cook anything but bread and tea … My baby was close to death a few days ago. He had fever and seizure. I was holding him and crying to my mother. The war on Yemen has lasted for almost half a decade, and it has been a nightmare for the country’s civilian population. Millions have been driven from their homes, almost a quarter of a million have died from starvation, disease, and violence, and tens of millions are on the edge of famine.

Le retrait de 10 000 soldats soudanais des conflits au Yémen, juste après la chute du régime d’el-Béchir, causée par une révolte populaire, met en évidence le virage du nouveau gouvernement qui ne veut plus imposer à la nation soudanaise les coûts très élevés d’une intervention militaire pro-saoudienne au Yémen. Abdel Bari Atwan, rédacteur en chef du quotidien en ligne Rai al-Youm, a examiné dans un article la décision du Soudan de réduire le nombre de ses militaires au Yémen.

What’s happening in Yemen may not be literal biological warfare, but it is certainly biological warfare by other means reports Ahmed AbdulKareem. Beyond the devastation it has caused on the back of tens of thousands of airstrikes, a crippling blockade and the intentional targeting of civilian infrastructure, the Saudi-led coalition supported by the United States has sparked an outbreak of disease and epidemics in Yemen in a manner not seen since World War II.
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